Amazon’s Robbinsville “Fulfillment Center” Fined $7,000 by OSHA

January 13, 2016

Online commerce giant has been fined $7,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for failing to document at least 26 different injuries and illnesses at their facility in Robbinsville.

Investigators also found that “employees were exposed to several workplace ergonomic risks, included repeated bending at the waist and exertions and standing during their 10-hour shifts for four days–including mandatory overtime,” according to a report by’s Kevin Shea.

Amazon opened the new location in the summer of 2015, creating literally thousands of jobs while wreaking havoc on traffic patterns in the area.

The 1.2 million square foot facility, known as a “fulfillment center,” is an important logistical support for the online retailer where products are packaged together, and then shipped out to customers.

“Failure to properly record occupational illnesses and injuries is hazardous to workers. The lack of accurate data can mask patterns of injuries and illnesses that could help uncover conditions with the potential of putting workers at risk,” said Paula Dixon-Roderick, the head of OSHA’s Marlton office.

“In addition to keeping accurate records, Amazon should address the potential dangers identified in the hazard-alert letters to ensure the safety and health of its fulfillment center employees.”

Shea subsequently reported that Amazon plans to contest the findings of the investigation.

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